We are Looking for anonited, God Fearing Season, Persons to be apart of the BJCM Ministries Empolyment/ Staff And Personnel.  To serve in these capacties that are listed below. If you have a gifted and you are wanting to be used by the Lord and for the Work of the Kingdom without a hidden adgenda or motive then we are in search of You .If you have an interest in working in this ministry, Please email us via email  This ministries Has charcter and  high level of excellency and intergity when it comes to the kingdom of God and Ministry. we are asking that all who wish to serve operate in the spirit of excellency. We are looking For qualified candiates. Some of this requires travel and that you be avaivable when needed. The Administraive Postions are Paid postions & other positons are volunteer Positons but have some Perks such as ( food  for duration of the trip, maybe upgrade to the roomsand  or 15% toward rooms cost.  and maybe some gift of apperication.)

1. Holy ghost/ Spirited Filled People.

2. People that  dont mind turning there plate down(comitted to fasting & praying)

3.People  that has a mind,passion and heart for ministry.

4. People that works in the spirit of unity & harmony. ( please no hidden adgenda )

5. someone that is trustworthy,faithful and comitted to the end.

6. Be able to attend weekly business meetings over the Conference Line at set-time.

7. To be on time and prompt when serving and working.

**NOTE:** *

if you have any question You may contact BJCM Ministries at the headquarters office 615.357-8997 code# 0100329676  note you must enter area code/number then it will prompt you to enter code number.  please leave a message and someone will get back to you promptly.





CHEIF ADMINISTRATOR-  This person is responsible for mangage the overall bsuiness operation of the ministry. This person  will be responible for hiring and fire. Will assist the Bishop with his iteary and appointments. will also be responible for making sure that all department heads are in compliance with what they are assigned to do.

Asst. Cheif Administrator - This person will assist the administrator in whatever he/she will need help in. this person will be respoinble for also act in full capacity of cheif adminstraor in the absence of the head administrator.


The Gate Keepers Prayer team - This persons will be responsible for interceding on the ministry behalf and conquenoring terrority and breaking down the walls of the satan. will be praying in season and out of season.  They will protect the walls of the kingdom and the watchmen.

Secetary -  This person will be responsible for taking and writing down all the mintues from the meeting. Will also be record special notations of what took place in meetings and services. this person will be required to attend all business meetings and board meetings for all staff and dept. heads. this person will be responible for handling all business operation concerning payments of bills. will operate in  full reception postion, in taking messages ect. also will do basic office skills,  bookeeping/ record keeping. will be respoinble for making announcments at both local and nationally events.


Treasurer - This person will be responisble for counting all currency and  funds from each event, fund rasiers ect. this  person will be very trustwothy to hold this position with the church/  ministry. This person will be responsible for handling all Honouramuim for ministry and paying the staff and personnel.


Cheif finance  Officer -  This person  will be responsible for mangagement of all the finances and currency that is coming in and going out. They will be responsible for recording keeping of all the finances coming in and going out.  they must poesse basic accounting skills and mathical skills, and  be able to count.  This person must be trustworthy and very accountable to hold such position with the ministry and organization. This person is responsible for handling all payroll issues and concerns. Also , will be reponsible for making all finance decision  for the ministry and organization. This person will be also responsible for setting the budget for each event for advertsiment, veunes and ect.


Public realtions -  This person will be responible for handling all aspects of PR and promotions , through media outlets, tv radio newspaper,billboards, flyers, and email blast. this person will make sure that all areas are covered.they will be responsible for setting up press release, press conferece for both local and narional must be dependable and trust worthy, deadicated. and follow instructions. be in Line with the Vision of The Leade.


Event Coordinator - This person will be responsible for all aspects and detail of event planning which include liason for venue space , and location for rhe event and will be responsible for handling registration needs., tansportation needs, hotel accomdations ect. able to neigoiate pricesa and conrtacts when in comes to the event and planning. 


Booth and Vendor Management -  This person will  handle  and mangement all vendors and set-up for each booth. this person will be responsible for setting the price and booth and space. will be responsible for sending out letters  liason for vendors for the event. they will be responsible for putting togather digram for all busines and and vendors

Music Dept. - This person will be responsible for operating  all aspects of musical capacity as far as vocal tranning, set rehearls times, location for pratice, also will liason for voices to be apart of the choir. will put togather muiscal staff that will play for all the services of the ministry. ( person must be able to play be ear and play in the propehtic relam or flow with it.this person must be committed  to the cause of ministry and that will operate with the Spirit of Exellency. that will have good leadership skills and have intergity.that is a  GOD FEARING PERSON AND THAT presents the charcter of Christ at all times. also this person will be responsible for settingthe budget for the department and team for what is needed. Must Be in Line with the Vision of The Leader


Fundraiser Committee - This persons will be responsible for handling and putting togather all campaigans and fundraiser for the ministry. they will be responsible for planning and seeting goals for the ministry.must be in compliance with the vision and the needs of the ministry. must posses intergity and charcter of christ. they are required to be at all funciton of the ministry and all fundraiser activities. they will be committed and ready to serve. this person will also make sure that the satff and this department is properly staffed that this is a voluteer Position with some perks.

Media Comittee/ Director - These person will be responsible for handling all the visual needs of the people through marketing products,packing , they will be responisble for covering footage for Ministry events etc.

Hospitality Comittee: These person will serve as host and Hostess greeters in the Area of the Hospitality staff they will assist the amourbear and appoint guest and etc. to there areas and where they need to be.

 Camera Comittee: Will be responisble  for video footage of the services and any promotional footage for the ministry and etc.they must have good quality and professional skills in photography  Video operations.

Press Conference/ Media Interview :  These people will be setup for the area for the media to come in a do interviews with