Grace and peace be unto from God our Father and Lord  Jesus Christ. I am excited about what God is doing in this season of Blessings and Changed. Acts 2;1  And when the day of Pentecost was fully come ,  I am calling the body unto unity , suddenly there came a sound as a mighty rushing wind and ,it filled the house where they were sitting- can you feel the wind of Glory. There is a sound thats in the air that i cant explain . i am calling all the Gate keepers that are wanting to partner with this minstry, To take the Gospel  to the world And Preach Kingdom. So I am summons you to  come and partake in this heavenly vision.  The Lord has given me a great vision in this Hour that we are in that needs to be release to the nations and beyond.  I need your help and support  we are looking for passionate people that have a mind of christ and a passion for Souls to be Saved in this hour.  The bible says seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteouness and all these things will be added unto you . we are asking that you sow into this ministry and kingdom. your gifts  can be large or small nothing is to small to God for his kingdom.

You can Sow You miracle breakthrough harvest seed;


(These are tax deductible gifts:) 

Platuim -  $ 5,000

Bronze - $ 3,500

Gold -  $ 2,500

 $ 1,000  The Jabez seed

$ 500.00 -  The Period of grace seed offering

 we are asking that you sow this seed  unto the Lord  And watch God Move on your Behalf  We destory the work of Satan and the soirit of Provety over the people od God lives ministry and health in  Jesus name.


Parntership Benefits:

priority seating at all fuctions - VIP Seating

  VIP UPGRADE  ( for hotel )

Invited to a Special  fellwoship Dinner

30% off media merchatdise  

we will give promitional items/ gifts.


again we need your help and support as we take this gospel accross the globe and beyond. We thank your for your support  we are taking the Kingdom by force.

You can send Your Checks, Cashier checks, money Orders to

Headquarters Office:

Attn: The Gate Keepers Promise

1627-A Jackson St.

Nashville,TN 37208